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5 Reasons Travellers Love Vanuatu

With 83 postcard-perfect islands in the archipelago, there' a sight to take your breath away around every corner in beautiful Vanuatu. Aside from its striking beauty, guests at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu will soon discover that the locals are warm and friendly, the food is wholesome, fresh and delicious, and that there’s a whole different pace of life in this tropical paradise. Here are five reasons why travellers from all walks of life love Vanuatu:

It’s Romantic

White beaches, swaying palms, tropical cocktails, stunning sunsets over an azure ocean…enough said. Our Port Vila accommodation is a true romantic escape.

It’s Exotic…Yet Convenient

Vanuatu is really close to Australia. Just 2.5 hours direct flight from Brisbane, or around 4 hours direct flight from Sydney or Melbourne.

The Food Is Wonderful

Sure, not everyone has a taste for Kava, but local beer Tusker is light and refreshing. Freshly picked local fruits such as papaya, taro, pineapple and coconut are sure to make your mouth water. Guests at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu are very fond of local dish Lap Lap (grated yam, banana or manioc, smothered in coconut cream) too!

The Culture Is Fascinating

From the delicious, traditional foods to the colourful 'Kastom Dance', kava ceremonies, string bands and even black magic, the culture of Vanuatu will be like nothing you have experienced before.

There Are Countless Opportunities For Adventure

Guests at our Port Vila resort can explore by horseback, off road buggy or four wheel drive. Glide along the waves in a kayak, embark on a helicopter ride above an active volcano and dive until your heart’s content. This is a place where beauty and adventure go hand in hand.

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