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A Guide To Vanuatu Snakes, Spiders and Creepy Crawlies

If you’re travelling to our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu for the first time, you may have concerns about the country’s more exotic wildlife. Fortunately, most of Vanuatu’s fascinating creatures are perfectly safe, as long as you take some small sensible safety precautions during your adventures in the wilderness here. Here’s a quick guide to some of the species to look out for.


If snakes make your skin crawl, rest assured at least that there are no deadly land snakes to look out for, even the larger snakes here are non-poisonous. On top of that, they are rarely spotted in everyday life anyway, even in the lush rainforests close to our holiday resort Vanuatu.


Although there a few big and scary looking bugs, the only creepy crawly you really need to fear during your stay at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu, the aptly named giant centipede. Although its isn’t deadly, the bite of this 20cm bug can be nasty, so always remember to wear insect repellent and check your shoes carefully during any trips into the jungle. Spider haters rejoice! There are very few deadly species in Vanuatu.

Sea Life

When it comes to marine life, the ones you need to look out for are stone fish, sea urchins and the occasional sea snake. There are no poisonous jelly fish around the waters of Vanuatu close to our accommodation Vanuatu. To stay safe in the water, we highly recommend wearing reef shoes to protect your feet during your dive and snorkelling expeditions – you can pick these up cheaply in many shops across Port Vila. Book your stay at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu now and start planning your break today!

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