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Discover Nanggol Land Diving Festival In Pentecost

During your stay at our holiday resort Vanuatu, you have an array of beautiful untouched islands right at your fingertips. We highly recommend that you set aside a day or two to explore fascinating Pentecost Island.

The friendly villages of South Pentecost have preserved their traditional culture better than perhaps anywhere else in the country. Despite continuing a way of life largely unchanged for generations, the people here are very welcoming to tourists, who come in large numbers every year to witness one of the world’s most iconic and spectacular tribal festivals, Nanggol or land diving. Guests at our accommodation Vanuatu are left in awe of this incredible event, which is thought to be the origin of modern day bungee jumping.

Each year the festival celebrates the yam harvest and forms an important rite of passage of young men, who propel themselves from the top of a 100 foot wooden tower secured only by a vine tied around their ankles. Guests at our holiday resort Vanuatu can get up close to this awe inspiring and death defying event for themselves between April and June. Although it appears extremely dangerous, the length of the vine is carefully selected for each participant in the festival to match his height, and ensure that his body only lightly touches the ground. There is a fee for watching this ancient event, which is an important source of income for the village communities. We highly recommend guests at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu plan a trip to check it out.

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