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Exploring Pentecost Island

Located within easy reach of our Port Vila resort, unspoilt Pentecost island is well worth visiting during your stay with us. This completely undeveloped island features no large towns, only small villages whose communities are built around agriculture. There are few proper roads, little traffic and very few shops. If you want a true taste of the Vanuatu of the past, Pentecost is the place to experience it!

Most guests at our accommodation Vanuatu are familiar with Vanuatu because of the annual land diving festival which takes place between April and June each year. But with its gorgeous beaches and lush pockets of forest, this spectacular island should be on your travel itinerary year round. On a balmy day in the tropics, set out on the dirt track which runs most of the way along the west coast of the island, or pay a visit to the far flung villages in the south.

On Pentecost Island, perhaps more than anywhere else in Vanuatu, guests at our Port Vila resort can discover a traditional way of life left largely untouched for generations. A large number of women in these parts wear only grass skirts and the traditional Kastom remain unchanged. It’s likely that you’ll be charged for visiting most of the villages in the island’s south or on the East coast, such as Ratap or Bunlap, but it is well worth doing so during your time at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu to discover a rare and totally different side of Vanuatu. As elsewhere everywhere you go in Vanuatu, the local people in Pentecost are incredibly warm, welcoming and pleased to meet people from all over the world.

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