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Handy Tips For Your Next Trip To Vanuatu

Although it’s surprisingly close to home, exotic and beautiful Vanuatu feels a world away from the everyday to the average Australian. If you’re going to be staying at our accommodation Vanuatu soon, it’s worth taking time to familiarise yourself with the country’s basic transport systems, climate, and currency so you can make the most of your stay. To get started, just take a look at our collection of helpful tips below.


There are many beautiful islands to explore close to our holiday resort Vanuatu. The best way to travel between island to island is of course by boat, but there are also chartered flights and even helicopter trips available. You can hire a car to explore Efate with an Australian Driver’s License, however there are no roads on most of the smaller islands, which means getting out and about by foot!


Our beautiful beachside resort offers great value accommodation Vanuatu in Mele Bay, Efate. Food is fresh, inexpensive and delicious, especially at the bustling street markets in capital Port Vila. After a day or two in Vanuatu, you will quickly notice that the local people are extremely friendly and generous with their time. Despite their affability, people here are far from rich, so you should always at least offer to recompense them for their time.

Beach Safety

Sharks are spotted fairly frequently in the waters around Malekula and Espiritu Santo. We recommend you avoid swimming here or at least seek local advice before doing so. For those who plan to go snorkelling or even simply paddling in the crystal clear waters close to our Port Vila resort, we suggest picking up some cheap reef shoes to protect your feet from sharp coral.

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