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Outdoor Adventures In The Tropics

If you crave open water swimming, rainforest hiking, kayaking, diving and endless opportunities to snorkel, Vanuatu is the holiday destination for you. Just take a look at these great outdoor activities to look forward to when you book into our Port Vila resort.

Explore The Ocean

Since the islands in Vanuatu have no continental shelf, you can immerse yourself in deep water pretty quickly. This also means that there is an abundance of rainbow coloured coral, marine wildlife and even fascinating wrecked ships to explore fairly close to land. No trip to our accommodation Vanuatu is complete without a snorkelling trip or two. And if diving is more your thing, this is one of the best places in the world to do so.

Pay A Visit Pentecost Island

Does your trip to our Port Vila resort fall in April, May or June? Then be sure to make time to visit the beautiful Pentecost Island for a chance to witness the nanggol, or land diving festival. Perhaps the earliest form of bungee jumping, this local tradition is a true spectacle to behold. Don’t miss it!

Explore Tanna Island

Most famous for its magnificent active volcano Yasur, Tanna is a must visit during your stay at our holiday resort Vanuatu. Arrange a guided tour to the summit of Yasur to witness the swirling mass of lava in the volcano below – a true once in a lifetime experience if ever there was one.

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