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Take A Cooling Dip In Tropical Vanuatu

If you find yourself needing to cool down on a balmy afternoon at our accommodation Vanuatu, you’ll be spoilt for choice for scenic and unforgettable natural swimming destinations close to the resort.

During your stay, you’ll be sleeping just moments from the inviting crystal clear waves of the Pacific Ocean, but we also highly recommend you spend a lazy afternoon at the beautiful blue lagoon on the nearby island of Espirito Santo, within easy reach of our holiday resort Vanuatu at Mele Bay. Your experience starts with a half day cruise along the lovely Riri River in a traditional Vanuatu dugout canoe. You can simply sit back, unwind and take in the island’s tropical scenery and laidback vibes as your guide paddles you up the river, which is abundant with marine life. Keep your eyes peeled for the World War Two Bridge too! There’s evidence of the island’s fascinating past in the least expected places close to our accommodation Vanuatu.

At some point during your paddle up the river, you’ll notice the water flowing beneath your boat begins to change to a dazzling blue. This means you’re drawing closer to your destination, the gorgeous Blue Hole swimming lagoon. Guests at our Port Vila resort simply can’t stop smiling every time they return from this breathtaking natural wonder. With the unbelievably clean and blue water, the lush rainforest setting and even a Tarzan style rope swing, this is truly the stuff tropical holiday daydreams are made of. The only trouble will be dragging yourself away.

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