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A Diving Holiday To Remember in Vanuatu

Vanuatu has a well deserved reputation as one of the best places to dive in the South Pacific. During your stay at our Port Vila resort, you will be ideally placed to find out why.

The islands offer a selection of reef and wreck dives for both beginner and seasoned divers. There are also networks of submerged murky caves, expansive spooky canyons and of course the famous President Coolidge underwater shipwreck, which is located just off the island of Espiritu Santo, not far from our accommodation Vanuatu. This particular site needs several days to be explored in full so don’t forget to plan accordingly.

There are many great dive sites within a short trip of Benjor Beach Club Port Vila resort. The so called Cathedral for example, is located off the Pango peninsula. It’s a huge canyon illuminated at regular intervals by shafts of light, making it an irresistible and atmospheric spot to explore. Ollie’s Lolly near Hideaway Island on the other hand, is a large bommie that is home to a colourful array of hard and soft coral swarming with thousands of tropical fish of all sizes and every colour of the rainbow. Don’t forget to check it out during your stay at Benjor Beach Club holiday resort Vanuatu. Another great one to check out is the Blacksands Reef and Caves; a series of interlocking caves and tunnel populated by serene sting rays.

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