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A Guide To South Pacific Cuisine

South Pacific cuisine combines simple and exotic flavours, incorporating plenty of fish, beef, root vegetables like yam and sweet potato, coconut and coconut milk and a wide array of other colourful fruits and vegetables. Here’s a quick guide to the food and drink you can look forward to trying during your stay at Benjor Port Vila accommodation


Beef dishes are prevalent in South Pacific cuisine and particularly in Vanuatu, where the fertile local soils and mainly organic farming techniques are said to produce the most tender and succulent meat. Unsurprisingly, beef dishes are some of the most popular choices at our acclaimed Officer’s Club restaurant at our holiday resort Vanuatu. Be sure to enjoy a relaxed meal overlooking the ocean during your stay. 


Kava is available across the South Pacific, but the variety available in Vanuatu is said to be the most potent, and it is considered the national drink. The active ingredient is the root of the kava plant and the drink is renowned for its soothing and mind clearing properties. Guests at our Port Vila accommodation are encouraged to try Kava, but should be warned that drinking more than a glass or two may make you so relaxed you completely forgo any sightseeing plans you had for the day!


Also known as Tahitian Fish Salad, this delicious dish is put together using raw fish, herbs, lime juice and coconut cream. It’s available at some of the local cafes close to our accommodation Vanuatu. 

Lap Lap

This simple but tasty and satisfying vegetable cake is the country’s national dish. It is made from grated yam, sweet potato or taro, which is placed in a banana leaf with cabbage and coconut and baked underground. We highly recommend you try this local delicacy during your stay at our Port Vila accommodation!  

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