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A Quick Guide to Social Life and Local Customs in Vanuatu

As well as the country’s undeniable natural beauty, one thing that visitors to Vanuatu always comment on is the warm, welcoming attitude of the local people. But how much do you know about social life and local customs in this friendly island nation? Read more below so you know what to expect during your next visit to our Port Vila accommodation.

Romance, Marriage and Family Life

Formal dating in Vanuatu traditionally begins with a custom the country is known for: the famous nagol event which sees young men prove their manhood by jumping from a tall tower with nothing but a vine tied to their feet. The island’s own answer to bungee jumping, the festival takes place between April to May each year on Pentecost Island, just a short boat ride from our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu. Particularly in the more traditional villages outside of the capital Port Vila, dating is mainly a private matter and couples are expected to keep public displays of affection to a minimum.


Everyday dressing in Vanuatu can be described as fairly conservative, with most women opting to wear long, light weight dresses which cover their shoulders and knees. Men tend to dress casually in shorts and a t-shirt appropriate to the local climate. In Port Vila, just a short drive from our Port Vila accommodation, you’ll see a greater variety of western-style clothing, particularly among the international population. Visitors to the country are asked to match locals in this conservative style of dress, although swimwear is fine in and around the resort.


As you may notice during your stay at our Port Vila resort, the Vanuatu way of life is all about respecting each other, respecting God and practising modesty when it comes to outward displays of wealth and affection. Visitors are warmly welcomed and enjoyed as an important part of island life.

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