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A Quick Guide to Vanuatu Part 4: J-L

Worried about jellyfish or curious about Kava? Here’s part three of our A-Z guide to Vanuatu. Read up on local life before your next stay at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu.


There are plenty of jellyfish in the waters that surround our Port Vila accommodation, but don’t worry, they are completely harmless. There are no stinging species here like you will find in the tropical coasts in certain parts of Australia, so if you are lucky enough to spot one, you can relax and take in the spectacle of the strange creature gliding effortlessly through the ocean.


As you may have heard, the kava drunk in Vanuatu is more powerful than the versions served in its neighbouring countries. The legal opiate is available in several varieties, ranging from mild to extra strong. The brew is a wonderful stress reliever and mind clearer and is available at bars and restaurants throughout Port Vila. Don’t forget to try it out during your stay at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu!


There are around 115 languages in common use in Vanuatu, with the majority of residents speaking a blend of English, French and Bislama. It is not unusual for a local here to be fluent in up to 5 languages, although they may have had little in the way of formal education. You will soon discover the wonderful diversity of language locally when you book a stay at our accommodation Vanuatu!

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