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A Quick Guide to Vanuatu Part Nine Y-Z

The last part of our A-Z guide to life on Vanuatu looks at local yachting, zoos and zinc cream. Don’t forget to check it out before your next stay at our accommodation Vanuatu!


With an expanse of glittering waters to explore, yachting is one of the locals’ favourite pastimes. During the season, there are yacht races every Sunday which depart from the wharf near the Waterfront Bar and Grill. The Vanuatu Yacht Club is located not far from our holiday resort Vanuatu and warmly welcomes visitors. Don’t forget to check it out during your stay at Benjor Beach Club.

Zinc Cream

Although Vanuatu has overcast days, the sun here is powerful and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 should be applied every day before exposure, and then regularly reapplied throughout the day. Don’t forget to pack your zinc cream before your next trip to our accommodation Vanuatu, seek out the shade, and avoid the midday sun wherever possible.


You may be disappointed to hear that there are no real zoos in Vanuatu. The closest thing we have is probably The Secret Garden at Mele, close to our Port Vila accommodation, where you can glimpse snakes, coconut crabs, turtles, pigs and several different species of colourful native birds while exploring one of the most beautiful landscaped gardens on the island.

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