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An Underwater Wonderland: Exploring Vanuatu’s Wrecks and Reefs

Just beneath the surface of the waves in Vanuatu, you’ll find a world of adventure and mystery waiting to be discovered. The country is famed for its world class scuba diving and snorkelling, with beautiful swathes of multi coloured coral to explore in the crystal clear waters surrounding our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu.

But it’s not just about the coral reefs and marine life, not far from our Port Vila resort, lies the long submerged wreck of the once magnificent – now ghostly - SS President Coolidge. This 187m American World War 2 troop ship sank after striking a mine not far from the shore. Thankfully nearly the whole crew of more than 5000 men escaped safely, and today it’s the world’s biggest, best and most easy to access shipwreck dive site. We strongly suggest divers staying at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu check it out for a truly once in a life time experience.

For snorkelling enthusiasts, we highly recommend the beautiful Million Dollar Point, where you can swim among heaps of submerged army machinery, from old rusted jeeps to aeroplane parts. It was all dumped here, not far from our holiday resort Vanuatu, by the Americans following the end of World War Two. The whole site is swarmed by colourful tropical fish and interesting marine life, so don’t forget to check it out during your stay at Benjor Beach Club.

Book your stay at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu now and start planning your wreck and reef adventures today!

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