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Discover The Unique Beauty of Vanuatu

If you are planning a trip to our accommodation Vanuatu in the near future, you will soon discover why the country is said to be the happiest nation on the earth. It’s something you see everywhere you go – laughter, smiles and an irresistible, laidback approach to life.

When you pay a visit to some of the lesser populated islands, you can encounter friendly villages still enjoying a way of life largely unchanged for generations. You will meet people of all ages who are happy to welcome you to their village and may be lucky enough to witness traditional dances and even black magic customs during your stay at our Port Vila accommodation.

As well as being so cheerful, Vanuatu is one of the most linguistically diverse places in the world, boasting a total of 113 languages across its relatively small population. You’ll find that villages only a few miles apart may speak different languages from each other, but that the official language is Bislama, a kind of pidgin English which you will have no trouble understanding after a little practice during your stay at our accommodation Vanuatu.

Apart from the country’s world famous white sandy beaches, Vanuatu’s fascinating traditional culture is its main pull for visitors. Most holiday makers at our Port Vila resort are keen to try kava, an alcohol free, but fairly potent drink made from crushed roots. It’s said to relaxing and mind clearing properties and there are several places in the capital where you can try it so don’t forget to give it a go during your break.

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