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Exploring Vanuatu By Car

If you’ve decided the easiest way to get around Vanuatu is by car, you’ll find plenty of places where you can hire a vehicle in Port Vila close to our Port Vila resort.

When you’re out on the road, one of the first things you’ll notice about driving in Vanuatu is that it tends to happen at a far more leisurely, laid back pace than you may be used to. Guests at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu will be pleased to see that courtesy, rather than racing and road rage is the general rule on the roads here.

If you drive to an out of town spot, don’t forget that any fruit you see growing in the “wild”, will nearly always belong to somebody. These bananas, coconuts and paw paws may look tempting, but they are an important source of income for locals who sell them at markets in villages and Port Vila. Not all the roads that surround our Port Vila resort are the best quality, and in some cases it’s best to hire a four wheel drive to help you explore the hard to reach spots. The ring road, however, is very good and nearly always traffic free. The speed limit on this road is 80km, in capital Port Vila and its suburbs the limit is 50km and if you are driving through some of the smaller villages you should drive slower. If you need some help exploring, just ask a member of the friendly team at our holiday resort Vanuatu who will be happy to share their expert local knowledge.

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