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Kastom Trails – A Step Into The Past

If you’re thinking of travelling to our accommodation Vanuatu, you may have come across the term “Kastom trails.” These are paths through the land that travellers are free to explore, happy in the knowledge that they will be warmly welcomed by the tribes and villages that they come across along the way. The trails were originally created by tribes that wanted to allow people from other tribes to pass through their land while still retaining authority over the land. Today, walking a Kastom trail is a great way to embark on a journey into the heart of a culture that has remained largely unchanged for centuries.

Some of the most fascinating Kastom trails are located on Tanna Island, which is easily accessible from our Port Vila accommodation. Exploring these trails with an experienced guide is a great way to get a genuine, non-touristy peak at everyday life on the island. Your guide will explain how the trails are used and the correct protocol for using them. For instance, it is considered good custom to use a variety of calls to let villages know your tour group is approaching so there is no perceived threat. When passing through the villages you may be lucky enough to see the making of traditional cuisine such as lap lap or perhaps a village meeting and discussion. Guests at our accommodation Vanuatu will love that these scenes have not been created or staged for your enjoyment – they’re a real snapshot of village life that would be difficult to witness any other way.

For a more touristy, but nonetheless fascinating look at one of the more unique aspects of Vanuatu culture, we also highly recommend guests at our holiday resort Vanuatu check out the Tanna Black Magic Show – we guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face!

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