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More Dos and Don’ts For Your Next Trip To Vanuatu

A true island paradise surrounded by azure waters, a trip to Vanuatu is a real breath of fresh air. Whether it’s your first time trip or the next of many, these simple dos and don’ts will help you get the most out of your stay at our holiday resort Vanuatu.

Do: Try Kava

This potent, root-based drink is a Pacific island specialty. It’s said to have mind clearing and energising properties and packs quite a punch! If you’re curious, there are numerous bars and cafes where you can try it close to our accommodation Vanuatu.

Do: Exchange Your Money in Port Vila

We recommend guests at our holiday resort Vanuatu exchange their money in nearby Port Vila as it offers the best return rate in the country. As you probably know, you should never, ever exchange your money at the airport of you want to save money - why pay more than you need to?

Don’t: Miss a Cultural Tour of a Local Village

Discover a side of Vanuatu unchanged for generations – embark on a journey through farms and plantations to a cultural village. Meet the village chief, see a traditional dance, chat with the friendly locals and even get a glimpse at traditional Black Magic during your time at our Port Vila resort. To find out more about cultural tours, just chat to the friendly team at Benjor Beach Club.

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