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More Vanuatu Facts

Located in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu is one of the world’s most naturally beautiful archipelagos.

But how much do you know about this vibrant island nation?

Read up on these interesting facts about the country so you can impress your friends during your next break at Benjor Beach Club accommodation Vanuatu.

History and Geography

Most of Vanuatu’s islands are of volcanic origin, and you can pay a visit to some of the remaining active volcanoes during your break at our holiday resort Vanuatu to witness the raw power of nature in action.

The population of most of the islands was originally Melanesian, before Europeans began settling here in the 18th century, with France and the UK taking control of certain parts of the country.

Vanuatu finally achieved full independence in 1980.

European settlers have had a large influence on island life and can be seen in the country’s vibrant multinational, multilingual culture today.


Port Vila is Vanuatu’s largest city and its bustling capital, located just a short drive from our accommodation Vanuatu.

The city’s bustling streets are full of international restaurants, many of which boast spectacular views over the harbour.


Vanuatu is home to a diverse selection of plant and animal species, although there are thought to be only as little as three or four fully grown saltwater crocodiles in the country’s mangroves.

However, there is certainly no shortage of other marine life with more than 4,000 varieties of molluscs found in the waters close to our Port Vila resort.

It is no wonder the local seafood is so good!

Food and Drink

The nation’s national dish is ‘lap lap’, a root vegetable dish made from manioc (cassava), sweet potato or yam, which can be either savoury or sweet.

Kava is the country’s traditional drink, a concoction made from the roots of the piper methsticum plant which is thought to have soothing and mind clearing properties.

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