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Quick Guide To Life in Vanuatu: Part One A-C

Here’s the first article in a series of posts chronicling the A-Z of local life in Vanuatu. Check it out for yourself before your next stay at our Port Vila accommodation.

Art and Artefacts

Vanuatu is home to many talented artisans who produce an interesting selection of handmade jewellery, weavings, carvings, pottery and paintings. You’ll notice that pigs are a major source of inspiration and feature heavily in a lot of artwork here. Guests at our accommodation Vanuatu who are travelling back to Australia or New Zealand should note that they will need to declare wooden items at Customs so they can be inspected. The Michoutouchkine-Pilioko Foundation is located on Pango road, not far from the resort, and features a range of amazing screen printed clothes and fabric.


Although the nation is most famous for its meat and seafood, there are plenty of delicious pastries and bread products to be found close to our Port Vila accommodation, thanks, perhaps to the local French population. For just out of the oven bread, petite delice and wonderful meatpies, you can’t go wrong at La Parisienne, Ah Pow and Au Peche Mignon.


Located in the street that runs parallel to Port Vila’s main street, Chinatown is one of the best places in the city to grab a bargain, with lots of interesting clothing and gift shops to explore. From spring rolls to soap and perfume, you’ll find it all here for unbeatable prices. Guests at our holiday resort Vanuatu can also have fun exploring the many Chinese takeaway restaurants here.

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