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Saving Money on a Vanuatu Break Part Two

They say travel broadens the mind, but it can also seriously hurt your bank balance. If you’re travelling to our Port Vila accommodation soon, these savvy money saving tips will help keep your break within your budget constraints.

Bring Your Own Food For The Journey

Airports and on-board airline services charge a lot for food and drink, simply because they can get away with it. We recommend guests at our accommodation Vanuatu, save themselves a small fortune by bringing their own food to eat before or during your flight, just be wary of the rules regarding bringing liquids onboard.

Avoid Luggage Fees

If you're concerned about paying for excess baggage, why not take advantage of some of the latest products on the market, and wear your extra items instead of trying to jam them into your case? For instance, a luggage jacket and a decent sized luggage bag will help maximise the amount of holiday must-haves you can bring onto the plane, while helping you avoid any extra costs. Bring everything you need to enjoy your break at our Port Vila accommodation and save money in the process!

Book Your Flight In The Afternoon

You’re probably aware that flight prices fluctuate during the week, but did you know they can even change within the day? Research shows that generally speaking, it costs more to book a flight early in the morning, because this is the time when corporate travellers prefer to book. We recommend guests at our holiday resort Vanuatu get up early to catch the worm on flight-booking day!

Book your stay at our Port Vila accommodation now and start planning your break today!

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