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Top 10 Vanuatu Facts

If you’re visiting our accommodation Vanuatu for your next tropical getaway, you may be excited to learn a little more about the country before you arrive. Here are top 10 interesting facts you may or may not know about this idyllic island paradise!

  1. There are more than 120 distinct languages spoken on the islands, but only 3 official languages: English, French and Bislama.
  2. The national dish is Lap Lap – it’s made using yam, coconut milk, meat and vegetables cooked in a banana leaf. We highly recommend you give it a go during your stay at our Port Vila accommodation!
  3. The national anthem is Yumi, yumi, yumi, which translates to “we, we, we”.
  4. Vanuatu is one of the smallest countries to participate in the Olympics, sending six athletes in 1992 and five in 2012.
  5. Tipping is not a custom in Vanuatu. If you’re dining out at the cafes and restaurants close to our accommodation Vanuatu, a friendly smile and “thank you” is the best way to show your appreciation for good service.
  6. The archipelago was discovered and claimed in 1606 by Spanish explorers, who settled briefly before forgetting about the islands again.
  7. They were rediscovered in 1774 by Captain James Cook who came up with the title the New Hebrides, the name Vanuatu came to be after independence was declared in 1980.
  8. Thanks to traditional farming techniques and a beautiful climate, the beef in Vanuatu is renowned as some of the best in the world. Just drop by the Officer’s Club Bar and Restaurant to see why during your stay at our Port Vila resort.
  9. The markets in the heart of Port Vila are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – always bustling, always vibrant!
  10. Thunderstorms are regular during the hot/wet season from November to April, creating spectacular dramatic scenes over the ocean and rainforest.

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