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Top 5 Kid's Activities in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is as much a family holiday destination as it is a romantic retreat for holidaying couples. If you're bringing the kids with you on your next trip to our holiday resort Vanuatu, here are 5 great activities sure to keep all ages entertained.

Vanuatu Jungle Zipline

Older kids are sure to love this thrilling ride above the island's verdant jungles. The adventure includes two wobbly suspension bridges and a visit to a waterfall, as well as the hair-raising wire ride itself, 80 metres above the forest floor. However, fear not, the experienced staff team are on hand to supervise and make sure everyone gets across safely. A great one to add to your list during your holiday at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu!

Blokart Vanuatu

Also known as land sailing, blokarting takes place in a vehicle that looks like a hybrid between a go kart and a wind sail. Depending on winds, karts can reach thrilling speeds in this deceptively tame looking activity. The whole family can get involved though, in fact kids as young as 5 are invited to enjoy the ride.

Blue Lagoon

Located just a short drive from our holiday resort Vanuatu, this postcard-perfect, strikingly blue lagoon is a great place to enjoy a natural, open air swim with the kids. They can use the tree rope swing to propel themselves into the water with a splash, or simply enjoy burning off energy in the stunning natural surrounds.

Wet 'N" Wild Zorbing

One of Vanuatu's more quirky activities, zorbing is all about entering a giant plastic ball and using your arms and legs to move yourself around. In fact, this is one of the longest zorb trails in the world, and it's not far from our Port Vila resort.

Hideaway Island Marine Reserve

Spend a day at Hideaway Island, where the whole family can swim, snorkel among colourful fish, learn turtles and other marine life and relax in and out of the ocean.

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