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Underwater Adventures in Vanuatu

From snorkelling to deep sea diving and cooling off under a rainforest waterfall, a Vanuatu holiday at our holiday resort Vanuatu gives you easy access to a host of refreshing underwater adventures. Here’s just a few you might enjoy during your stay at Benjor Beach Club resort.


To discover the renowned beauty and diversity of Vanuatu’s marine life, you need to head beneath the waves. You’ll find no shortage of snorkelling tour packages close to our Port Vila accommodation, with opportunities to swim above multicoloured coral and among glimmering tropical fish in every colour you can imagine.

Post a Postcard Home, Underwater

Situated just a short cruise across the bay from our holiday resort Vanuatu, this popular tour invites you to try some snorkelling in the crystal clear, inviting waters that surround Hideaway Island. For a truly unique holiday experience, swim down to the underwater post office and post a special waterproof postcard sure to impress friends and family back home.

Explore a Submerged Shipwreck

Divers from all over the world flock to Vanuatu each year to explore the magnificent SS President Coolidge. Easily accessible from our Port Vila resort, this ornate WW2 vessel is the stuff diving daydreams are made of, with heaps of fascinating relics and historical artefacts to explore. If you’re an experienced diving looking for a challenge and the diving experience of a lifetime, don’t forget to check it out!

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