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Vanuatu Art and Culture Attractions

With more than 113 languages, rich ancient traditions and stunning natural beauty, Vanuatu is one of the most fascinating and culturally diverse countries on earth. If you would like to find out more about the island nation’s traditional art and culture during your stay at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu, here are several great local attractions to add to your itinerary. 

Vanuatu Cultural Centre

This museum and cultural centre is home to a great mix of traditional artefacts, including ceremonial headdresses, pottery, drums and huge outrigger canoes. You’ll also find a number of interesting photographic displays here, as well as opportunities to witness live traditional musical performances and sand drawings. The museum is located in Port Vila, not far from our accommodation Vanuatu. Don’t forget to check it out during your break!

Michoutouchkine and Pilioko Foundation Art Gallery

Situated on the way to Pango, within easy reach of our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu, this art gallery and artists studio is named after its two resident artists, Nicolai Michoutouchkine and Aloi Pilioko. The art showcased here is wonderfully exotic, with lots of Pacific crafts and artefacts, including beautifully ornate wood carvings and masks created by the highly skilled craftsmen of southern Malekula.

Gallery Blong Vanuatu

Although small, this locally ni-Vanuatu owned and managed art centre, not far from our holiday resort Vanuatu, is well worth a visit to see the exhibition of paintings, carvings, masks and other artefacts the owner has collected from islands around the South Pacific. After enjoying a browse, why not take time for a fresh cup of coffee in the adjoining café. 

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