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Vanuatu Cuisine

Vanuatu's dining scene is as diverse as its people. You'll find French, Italian, Asian fusion and of course plenty of seafood in the restaurants near our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu. But how much do you know about traditional Vanuatu cuisine? Here are some of our most popular dishes you might like to try during your visit.


Unofficially Vanuatu's national dish, lap-lap is a root vegetable cake made from manioc (cassava), sweet potato or yam, which is grated into a banana leaf along with local cabbage, coconut, and sometimes a chicken wing. The ingredients are flattened and wrapped into a package, before being cooked underground in stone ovens. You'll have plenty of opportunites to try this tasty (and very affordable!) local meal at the Port Vila food market, not far from our Port Vila resort.


This is a variation of lap lap for meat lovers, and features the same root vegetable cake, this time rolled into a cyclinder with meat in the middle. The final result taste a lot like a sausage roll. These can also be picked up from the market close to our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu, and they are usually serves in foam boxes to keep them warm.


Vanuatu offers arguably some of the very best beef produce in the whole world. The reason the steak is so delicious here is all down to the farming process, which doesn't include any of the chemicals, hormones or other problems of western mass production. You are sure to sample at least one beef meal during your stay. The officer's Club, the onsite restaurant at oir accommodation Vanuatu, is the ideal place to do so.


One disadvantage of the island's relatively isolated location is that imported alcohol can be expensive- the cost of Australian beer or wine here can sometimes be as much as double what you would pay at home. Luckily, the local beer, Tusker taste great and is very affordable. Many of the guests that stay at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu are also keen to try the Kava.- a traditional drink known for its stress relieving and mind clearing properties.

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