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Vanuatu Culture and Traditions

Colourful, diverse and unforgettable, Vanuatu’s rich culture and traditions will linger on your mind long after your holiday at our Port Vila Resort has ended.

Here’s just a small taste of island life, including a snapshot of the local cuisine, music and cultural traditions.


Modern Vanuatu cuisine combines traditional south Pacific food with European influences. Traditionally, staple island foods have included banana, coconut, pork, yam and of course beef and seafood. Having become more influenced by the West in the past few decades, temperate crops such as cabbage, peppers, carrots and pumpkin have found their way into the everyday Vanuatu diet. The acclaimed Officer’s Club Restaurant at our holiday resort Vanuatu sources fresh local seafood and the finest cuts of Vanuatu beef to prepare simple wholesome meals in a stunning Oceanside setting.


Vanuatu is one of the most linguistically diverse nations on the planet, with more than 115 mother tongues in common use across the islands. The most widely used languages are Bislama, English and French. The friendly staff at Benjor Beach Club Port Vila Resort are fluent English speakers and are always on hand to answer your enquiries.

Music and Dance

Traditional music is still a very important part of life in many rural areas of Vanuatu. Energetic, frenetic dances are often accompanied by chanting and rich percussion played on drums, slit gongs and rattles and the medium is used to tell traditional stories and celebrate all kinds of occasions. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a live dance for yourself during your stay at Benjor Beach Club accommodation Vanuatu!

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