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Vanuatu Flora and Fauna

With dense forests and unpolluted, temperate waters, Vanuatu is home to a diverse range of plants and animals. Here’s some of the flora and fauna you might be lucky enough to spot during your time at our Port Vila resort.


Although certain areas have been cleared for farming, large pockets of Vanuatu’s mountains and flatlands remain cloaked in forest. One of the defining characteristics of these forests is the huge banyan trees, which often play a role in village meetings and dances. During your stay at Benjor Beach Club accommodation Vanuatu, you are sure to admire these giant twisting mazes of trunks, vines and branches, which are among the world’s biggest living organisms. Another tree unique to the island nation is namwele, a massive prehistoric fern which is considered culturally significant and is often included in indigenous wood carvings and artwork.


Vanuatu’s magnificent coral reefs are one of its biggest draw cards for visitors and are also home to a truly dazzling selection of tropical fish, sea anemones, and even tiger sharks in some areas. During your stay at our Port Vila resort, you can take a day cruise out to the reef and explore by scuba or deep sea dive. Surprisingly, there are thought to be as little as four fully grown saltwater crocodiles in the country’s mangroves. However, with more than 4000 varieties of mollusc native to the island, it’s no surprise our seafood is so well renowned. Although introduced by humans, pigs are now indigenous to the island. The local practice of removing the male pig’s upper canine teeth causes the animal’s tusks to grow into a full circle, and you may spot some of these quirky looking creatures during your stay at our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu.

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