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Vanuatu Money Saving Tips

Although it’s a real-life island paradise, a trip to Vanuatu needn’t cost as much as you might think. There are plenty of ways you can save money once you arrive at our accommodation Vanuatu, from paying attention to where you eat, to making the most of all the great free activities on offer. Here are our top Vanuatu money saving tips.

Exchanging Money

We recommend that you exchange the money you need for your trip in Port Vila. The return rate here is better than anywhere else in Vanuatu. Besides, the capital is just a short drive from our Port Vila accommodation.

See the Cascades Waterfall by Bus or Foot

Located not far from our accommodation Vanuatu, the Mele Cascades waterfall is one of the island’s most renowned beauty spots. There are plenty of local companies that offer paid excursions to the attraction, but who needs to pay tour prices when you can simply take the bus, or better yet, take the short walk straight from the resort?

The Best Things in Life are Free

With so much stunning natural beauty at your fingertips, some of your most memorable hours at our holiday resort Vanuatu will be spent simply unwinding on the beach with a good book. Once you’ve had your fill of sea and sand, the island’s lush forests and woodlands are within easy reach, waiting to be explored.

Enjoy the Local Street Food

The restaurants in and around Port Vila are excellent, but if you’re simply looking to a grab a bite to eat on the move, there are countless market stalls where you can purchase a very affordable and delicious hot meal or snack to enjoy as you people watch.

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