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Vanuatu Travel Health and Safety Tips

If you’re travelling to our Port Vila accommodation, it can be helpful to know a few tips about staying safe and healthy during your stay, particularly if it’s your first time on the island.

Doctors and Hospitals

There is a hospital and several medical centres in the capital Port Vila, which is just a short drive from our accommodation Vanuatu. It can often be arranged for on-call doctors to visit resorts. Guests can also be assured that the staff at the local pharmacies have a good knowledge of all the most common tropical ailments and are always happy to chat about any concerns you have.

Food and drink

Although mains water is safe to drink, it can cause occasional mild stomach upsets. For this reason we recommend guests at our Port Vila accommodation opt for bottled water, which is very cheap and readily available. Since the climate is tropical, staying hydrated will keep you full of energy and feeling your best. The local food is excellent with Vanuatu meat and seafood safe to eat and highly recommended.


Cases of malaria are thankfully very rare in Efate, but taking precautions with anti malaria medication is still recommended if you plan to travel to some of the country’s outer islands. Guests at our holiday resort Vanuatu who plan on making the most of the excellent local scuba diving opportunities should be warned that coral cuts are fairly common. We recommend buying some cheap coral shoes to prevent foot cuts and treating minor injuries with antiseptic if they do occur.

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