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Vanuatu Travel Trips

Heading to Vanuatu for the first time? We’ve put together a small selection of need-to-know facts to make sure you get the most out of your time at our Port Vila accommodation.


The most popular time of the year to visit the island nation is between April to October when locals and visitors can enjoy pleasant temperatures of between 18 to 28C. If you’re planning to visit our Port Vila resort during this period all you need to pack is some light weight clothing, with perhaps a light sweater or two for the evenings. The hot season falls between January to March each year and often brings with it storms and cyclones. However, this low season can also be a good time to snap up great holiday deals to make your trip to our Port Vila accommodation more affordable.

Business/Shopping Hours

Like many hot countries, Vanuatu has a designated ‘siesta’ time each day, which falls between 11.00 am and 1.30pm. Many smaller shops and businesses close their doors during these hours, although larger supermarkets and chain stores generally remain open.

Internet and Communications

Staying connected during your stay in Vanuatu is no trouble, with several internet cafes close to our holiday resort Vanuatu. Mobile coverage is generally good, and there are roaming agreements in place with several major international phone companies.


Renowned as one of the most linguistically diverse countries on earth, Vanuatu boasts more than 120 languages, and countless more dialects. The official language is Bislama, however English and French are also commonly spoken.

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