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Vanuatu Wildlife Encounters

During your break at our accommodation Vanuatu, you can get up close to the island’s diverse and beautiful native wildlife. Spot rare tropical birds in ancient rainforest, visit a nursery for baby turtles, swim among hordes of multi coloured fish and even spot humpback whales. Here are just a handful of the magical wildlife experiences you can look forward to when you book your next break at Benjor Beach Club.


Although there is not really a culture of bird watching in Vanuatu and no specialist tour operators working in the country to date, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of rare and interesting bird species and some great sites waiting to be discovered. There are more than 139 known species making their home in the semi-deciduous forests, savannahs, grasslands and mountains close to our Port Vila accommodation, including buff-bellied monarchs, dark brown honeyeaters, red jungle fowl, fruit doves and many more. Get out there with your binoculars and explore!

Turtle Sanctuary

Just across the beautiful blue waters of Havannah Harbour, within easy reach of our accommodation Vanuatu, you’ll find a friendly sanctuary where baby hawksbill turtles are raised. Take a tour and see the good work being done by the sanctuary, enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach, then snorkel amongst the reef. Don’t forget to look out for dolphins on the cruise back!


To discover the real diversity of Vanuatu’s wildlife, it’s essential to head underwater. There is an array of great snorkelling tour companies operating close to our holiday resort Vanuatu, with opportunities to swim above multicoloured coral and through expansive canyons swarming with fish in all colours of the rainbow.

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