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Vanuatu's Volcanos

Vanuatu is situated near to the point where two of the earth’s Teutonic plates rub together, making the island nation part of the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire. What does this mean for travellers? There are some really great volcanoes to visit during your stay at our Port Vila resort! Let’s have a quick look at some of them below.

Ambae Volcano

The beautiful island of Ambae is said to ‘disappear’ in the morning mists as the sun rises. Seen from the island the volcano is a distinctive pyramid shape – this is by far the largest of the volcanoes close to our accommodation Port Vila Vanuatu. Although inactive for 400 years, local residents were shocked in 1991 when Ambae volcano erupted back into life!

Ambrym Volcano

Situated in the heart of the Vanuatu archipelago, Ambrym is constantly erupting. However, since it’s mostly ash and smoke that’s getting spurted out, it’s safe to get close to this magnificent formation during your stay at our Port Vila resort.

Gaua Volcano

Towering around 9,800 feet above sea level alongside the appropriately named Steaming Hill Lake, this one sometimes emits dangerous gases which makes it too dangerous to approach!

Tanna Yasur Volcano

One of the world’s most famous and accessible volcanoes, Yasur volcano on Tanna island has become one of Vanuatu’s biggest draw cards for thousands of awed visitors every year. Although it’s active, it’s rarely unsafe to approach, and it’s easy to get to by helicopter or plane trip from Benjor Beach Club accommodation Vanuatu.

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